Primary function: storing patient data and all appointments carried out by that patient.
My patients is an application support for doctors and health professionals conduct the survey and register key information from their patients. Take on your Iphone / Ipod / Iphone key information from their patients for a quick and convenient access such as: photo, name, sex, marital status, weight, height, social security number, date of birth, age, responsible for the patient, address, city, profession, phone numbers, blood type, using any drug, if any surgery done, if you have any disease, physical activity is practiced, if you have any allergies, if the family history of diseases and general observations. You can still make the register of each appointment for the patient, can store the date, description of the problem reported by the patient, the treatment that is prescribed, the exams, prescription drugs, doses and observations about the query.It is an interesting tool to assist health professionals have control and quick access to information from their patients when they need a service “remote.” The information reported must be registered on the device by the user application. Do not use Internet access, working offline
News ** version 2.5:- Enable Rotation iPad.- Modified the help file;- General improvements;- Autosave the patient registration screen;- Option to print queries and data of patients with AirPrint (For iOS 4.2 above);- Inclusion of time in appointments;- Inclusion of appointments on the agenda of the device (only for iOS 4.0 or higher) can use the alarm warning device and other functions. It only works on the inclusion of consultation;- Compatibility with iPad / iPod / iPhone;- Send e-mail with patient data and queries;
IMPORTANT: This application does not replace the patient’s chart.